Lecturer was my job description for 26 years. Teaching on a daily basis went stale on me – but I enjoy it all the more now, as a nice change from communing with computers. 

To lecturing – or seminars, conferences, panels, roundtables, focus groups, etc – I hope to bring the same qualities as in my written and other work. Namely: solid knowledge, frank opinions, clear presentation, and lively discussion. Jokes are extra (that is one).

Hence I’m always happy to consider invitations to speak:

  • on any Korean topic, especially current political and/or business issues 
  • to any audience: academic, business, government, policy, 
  • NGO, school, etc 
  • anywhere: in the UK, Europe, the US, Asia, or worldwide. 

A fee is handy, as this is my living. But I love travel, so the fare may suffice. Try me.

Last year alone brought visits to Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Macau and Kyoto. So I can’t and don’t complain. But as Mae West said, too much of a good thing can be wonderful. For the future, I would especially welcome invitations to meetings or conferences in:

  • Korea! Once legion, these seem to have dried up. Was it something I said? 
  • The US, especially policy think-tanks in Washington. Or anywhere. 
  • Southern and eastern Europe (as a change from northern and western). 
  • Australasia. Having twice had to cancel tours, I hope for third time lucky. 

By way of illustration, here are some examples of recent or ongoing work of this kind: <br>

  • Oxford Analytica. Korea panelist at annual business outlook conference since 1987
  • Royal College of Defence Studies. Annual lecture to senior officers from many lands
  • Kyoto. Conference on North Korea organized by Yasushi 
  • Akashi: annual since 1998
  • Seoul. Many talks in 20 visits and 20 years, to very varied audiences. See <a href=”foster_carter_biography.html“>Brief Bio</a><br>
  • EU. In 2001 alone, meetings in Brussels, Berlin, Paris and UK on policy on N Korea
  • Nordic/Baltic. Since 1996, 3 talks in Stockholm, plus Bergen, Copenhagen, and Riga
  • Macau. IISS workshop on North Korea, Oct. 2001. Also talk for EIU in Hong Kong
  • Hawaii. Pair of CSIS-Pacific Forum conferences upcoming in April 2002
  • UK. In 2002: SOAS Jan, FCO Feb, LSE Mar, Cambridge Apr; had to decline others 

Glad to be invited to talk on Korea, meetings, etc


Wearing an academic hat (if it still fits), I’ve been external examiner for a number of PhD/DPhil theses, mainly on Korea, at several universities including Oxford (4) and Cambridge (1). Also London (LSE, Wye), Hull (2), Sussex (2), and Sheffield (1); and further afield, in the Hague, Wageningen, Stockholm, and for – not in, alas – Brisbane.

This work is winding down, and if busy I decline it: much So if anyone still wants to invite me to serve in this capacity, I’d certainly consider it.