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Korea related work

Contemporary Korea is my main expertise. I keep abreast of current events and trends, and endeavour to predict future scenarios.

I follow both South and North Korea equally, and their relationship.Plus other countries insofar as they bear on the peninsula. I cover economics and business, politics and security issues.

Also social and cultural aspects, important but often overlooked.


My main work is writing: anything from a 500 word article or summary of an issue to a 30,000 word consultancy report. I prefer shorter, and can work fast to deadlines. I’m told I write well, in styles ranging from punchy bullet points to learned academic footnotes. I try to use wit to in the service of wisdom: a light touch, but not lightweight.

For examples of my writing, go to AFC on the Web.


It’s good to talk, too. I’m available for one-off lectures or briefings, anywhere in the world, to business, policy-makers, academics, whoever. An ebullient speaker, I relish the challenge of adapting to different audiences. I’m also open to offers for longer-term engagements, such as visiting lectureships.

For a selected list of who I’ve talked to, go to Lecturer.


I offer immediate comment and analysis on developments in Korea for radio, in studio quality sound (Codec courtesy of BBC World Service). Television by arrangement. Here too I’m lively, and strive to make complex issues accessible.

To see my experience here, go to Broadcaster.


I’m available for consultancy work, with or without travel to Korea or elsewhere.

For my track record, go to Consultant.

Not Korea

I do other things besides Korea, though not often currently. Areas I’d be happy to develop include: Writing/lecturing/broadcasting. I’m available for consultancy work, with or without travel to Korea or elsewhere.

Chairing conferences

As I used to do for A-level groups.

See A-Level.


I perform a medley of self-penned lyrics to well-known tunes, satirizing the end of civilization as we know it – especially in universities. Cabaret.